Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Mission:
Making People’s Life Safer, Healthier and Better!

Corporate Vision:
We are committed to "building a safe, healthy and ecologically better environment for human life", and strive to build ourselves into a leader in the field of ecological environment construction for "harmonious coexistence between man and nature”.

Corporate Spirit:
Unity, hard work, development and transcendence.

Business philosophy:
Prioritizing integrity-oriented management and technical innovation.

Integrity, innovation, cooperation and excellence.

LOGO Interpretations:

Overall image of LOGO: Smart “water droplets” present a basic color for our VI (Visial Identity). It consists of a sky blue color symbolizing technological wisdom and a jade green color symbolizing life health. The top, middle and bottom parts of the Group LOGO are combined to form a smart and vital water droplet, which is permeated with the brilliance of “wisdom and life” and can reflect the features of our enterprise culture, that is, “the highest excellence is like that of water and great virtue bears all things”. Moreover, it carries our fighting spirit - little strokes fall great oaks, and our entrepreneurial dream - all rivers run into sea.
Top image of LOGO: Blue “diamond”: we use a “blue diamond”, shining with the light of science and technology wisdom, to express our career pursuit - constant improvement on work and product. It also vividly demonstrates a distinct feature of our enterprise brand - classics and excellence.   
Middle image of LOGO: The harmonious “palms” or upward “two figures” strongly demonstrate our entrepreneurial spirit -- unity, hard work, development and transcendence. The palms represent innovation, struggle and exploration, while the combination represents cooperation, progress and harmony of all!

Bottom image of LOGO: The green “honest heart” embodies our business purpose of being honest and trustworthy, and the development concept of advocating green environmental protection. Our “green and honest” corporate conscience is the core value basis for our development and progress.