Warmly congratulate our company on winning the project

Warmly congratulate our company on winning the project of Shandong Ruisheng exhaust gas system renovation project
        On July 23, 2018, our Jiangsu Honest Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid Ruisheng waste gas system transformation project. The project is located in Linyi City, Shandong Province. It mainly redesigns and installs the waste gas pipeline system and the waste gas collection system of the sedimentation tank in each workshop.
        Shandong Province has always been the focus of our attention to the region, Division I and Shandong Ruisheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has also maintained a good relationship of cooperation. This bid has further consolidated our market base in Shandong, our company will also fully implement the quality indicators of the project, strive to drive the follow-up project contracting and construction with this project.